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Heating Elements

Offered Heating Elements can change the electricity into heat via the procedure of resistive or Joule heating. Electric current going through the element combats resistance, consequent in heating of the element. The procedure is independent of the path of current flow. Capable to outperform in all temperature orbits, these stand as the essential parts of the industrial heater with assorted added advantages possible to a particular utilization. The selection of heating elements is largely based on the type as well as the nature of medium it is utilized for. Offered Heating Elements are factory configured into all shapes and sizes and can be operated in extremely high temperature.

Key Points :

  • Has the ability to deal with inherent erosive nature.
  • Reliable as well as cost effective solutions for aggressive and hard water applications.
  • Provide regular and moderate heat.
  • Offered with safe and effective operation.
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Foil Heating Elements

Offered Foil Heating Elements are included with silicon insulated heating cables, set between two aluminum expanses. These are offered with an adhesive backing for enabling an easy fixture to the area that needs temperature maintenance. The materials can be simply cut out so as to make these fit utterly to the part on which the component will be set. Rendered elements are applicable for temperature maintenance, freeze protection and various others.


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