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Protective Couplings And Plugs

We offer Protective Dust Caps and Plugs, which play a critical role in the procedure of a quick coupling. These are extremely useful accessories, which prevent water, dust or mud from getting an entrance and lengthen the servicing lives of couplings. Extremely crucial in the building business in general and in earth moving, where ample quantities of materials such as earth, sand etc are moved, these provide absolute protection from environmental dust as well as dirt when the coupling is not attached. Protection from environmental filth and grit can extend the serviceability of coupling by keeping contaminants out of the fluid instrumentality. Offered Protective Dust Caps and Plugs have following applications :

  • Implements, tractors and farm equipments
  • Hydraulic tools
  • Mobile equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Fluid transfer as well as filling systems
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Protective Contact Couplings

Offered Protective Contact Couplings are the dust protection shields, which can connect the surfaces of nipples as well as couplers from environmental dust and dirt. These can resist the environmental dirt & grit and are proffered with prolonged coupling life. Capable to work in all conditions, these are appreciated for their functional accuracy and durability.

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Protective Contact Plugs

Offered Protective Contact Plugs are resistant to water, vibrations, dirt and high mechanical strain. Capable to stand sealed up to increased degree of protection, these stand as the perfect accessories offered with protective cover. The cover these are accessible with can protect the pins as well as casing of the pins from filth and mud.


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